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August 22, 2009

The field of imaging is expanding very much with hospital MRI departments are expanding and a number of new private MRI facilities are increasing. This means that there are many opportunities for one to pursue a career in MRI technology. MRI offers one of the most detailed images available in the present day since this is a more accurate imaging technology than any other imaging procedure.  MRI is an important tool in the wider field of medicine, and can work to provide the best image ever of any part of a human body.

How this medical tool works is to take images of multiple slices and then is capable of building and accurate 2-D or in some cases a 3-D image of the tissue of a human organ. Most people do shy away to undergo an MRI procedure leave alone even to become a MRI technologist. They only fear undergoing this procedure not knowing that MRI is a very safe one since there are no known resulting harmful effects. One thing that is important for everyone to note is that metal objects can easily be drawn to the magnet. This is the only time when damage can be done because if this metal material are embedded in your body, they can easily been drawn into the magnet causing damage.

However, some metal materials are acceptable. For instance, if you are injured and you need a hip replacement, it will be possible for you to have an MRI within six weeks after having surgery. This is so because enough healing will have taken place and so the metal will be held firmly in place. If you are thinking of becoming a MRI Tech, you have to pass through some educational institutions whereby you can have your degree within only 12 months. You do not even necessarily be a X-Ray Tech in order to train as a MRI Tech and you do not even need to be in healthcare to train as one. Many people are unaware of the existent of such institutions so you have to look out for them over the internet.

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