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The better school you attend, the better prepared you’ll be for your career of choice; this is true in any field, including in MRI technology. Those who are hired in the top MRI technician positions across the country attended great schools, which allowed their resume to get to the top of the pile more quickly. You don’t have to go to a traditional campus college to receive a good education preparing you for a career as an MRI technician. A number of online schools provide excellent MRI technician programs, though there are also many distance learning programs that leave something to be desired. How can you tell which program is the best online MRI technician school for you? Let’s go over some commonalities among top programs.

Interaction with Professors and Other Students

The best online MRI technician schools will have plenty of ways for you to connect with classmates and those teaching the course. As with any type of degree, you need to be able to ask questions when you take a class online, and that just isn’t possible if the course is more like a book than an actual learning experience. Your school of choice should provide a portal where you can communication with others to discuss what you are learning. Even though you don’t have a physical classroom, a classroom environment is still important.

Hands-On Learning

No matter how much your read about MRI technology, you need to learn hands-on skills to be the best at this job. The top online MRI technician schools make hands-on learning possible through virtual reality simulators or partnerships with local MRI laboratories.


Any online school you attend should be accredited by either a national or state organization for sonography or radiology. In the past, some online programs were nothing but diploma mills – places where you could essentially purchase a degree with little or no actual work or learning experience. Accreditation is only possible for online colleges who meet high standards in terms of the education they provide to students. Most employers won’t consider candidates who don’t have a degree from an accredited school. Yes, there are some great distance learning programs that aren’t accredited, but you should look at these as more of a personal learning opportunity. Get your degree or certification from an accredited school. Remember, without accreditation, you also may not qualify for scholarships or grants.

Student Services

Although online MRI technician schools are often run as a business rather than a non-profit, they should still provide great services for students. Check out their track record – how many students land jobs within six months of graduation? Do they have services to help you with your resume? Is there someone available to talk to you about financial aid?

The right program for you depends on your time and budget needs, the length of program you want, and your personal preferences for completing work. The above factors are just a way to get started choosing the best online MRI technician school for you.

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