As a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technician, you’ll work in the fast-paced field of medicine, but you can start working in this field without six to eight years of schooling, as is typical with most medical jobs. MRI technology is a subset of radiologic technologies, and in this field, you’ll use special imaging machines to explore the inside of patients without intrusive diagnostic methods, like exploratory surgery. Depending on your specialty and education, this is a field in which you can grow, starting as an assistant and working your way up the ranks to learn diagnosing, administration, and more. This all starts with one to four years of education in MRI technologies.

MRI technician college grants are available to help you pay for this schooling. Like scholarships, grants don’t have to be repaid after college, making it easy to focus on your education, rather than on pressure to make money and find a job in your field. Grants are based on financial need, so even if you’re not good at writing scholarship essays or you didn’t get particularly good grades in high school, you can receive help with college tuition, books, living expenses, and more.

Grants can come from a number of sources. The American Association of Radiologic Technologies, for example, provides a number of opportunities for students pursuing careers as an MRI technician or other kind of radiologist. In addition, you can look at organizations that have grants available for any student studying a medical-related topic. Some don’t care about your exact specialty as long as you are working in the world of health care after you graduate. Still other organizations don’t ask that you have a specific major at all and are open to all students who prove financial need, whether they are studying to become an MRI technician, an auto mechanic, a lawyer, or anything in between.

One of the largest sources for grants is the United States government. Every year, the federal government provides millions of dollars to students in the form of Federal Pell Grants. These grants are given annually and depend on your family’s financial situation in relation to all other applicants. The Federal Pell Grant probably won’t cover your entire tuition cost, but this is a great place to get started when you’re looking for money for college.

Schools themselves also often offer grants for MRI technician students. Your school’s financial aid office can explain to you the qualification requirements, as well as share information on school-sponsored scholarships, fellowships, and internships. Don’t forget to talk to the head of your department as well, since some grants are given directly through school departments, rather than through the financial aid office.

The application process for a college grant is typically difficult, and you may have to be able to provide a clear plan with how you intend to use the money. With most grants, the effort is worth the payout, since they could cover all of your costs, plus provide you with a small stipend for living expenses. Apply to every grant you can so that you’re able to go to college to become an MRI technician without worrying about money.

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