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With the political focus on physical health, many people may forget that some health care practitioners believe that a person’s health is integrated physically, mentally and spiritually. Without this integration, these holistic health practitioners believe that a person may not achieve a healthy lifestyle. With that perspective in mind, the following list focuses on fifty holistic medicine blogs that feature alternatives to traditional Western medicine and that often emphasize preventative measures to illness and injury.

To be included on this list, which is divided into categories that range from Ayurvedic medicine to naturopathy, the chosen blog had to have an updated entry posted within the past three to four weeks. The blogs are listed alphabetically within each category to show readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Holistic Practice

  1. Phylameana’s Holistic Healing Blog: Phylameana lila Desy is certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and the Science of Intuition from the Holos Institutes of Health.
  2. Dr. Weil: Dr. Weil integrates Eastern and Western medicine and preventative health practices to form a truly holistic outlook on health.
  3. Holistic Blog Coach: If you own a holistic business, Peggie can help you reach out to a broader audience. She is into holistic health as well as into public relations, advocacy and social media.
  4. Holistic Health: The Times Union carries a Holistic Health column with a variety of writers on board.
  5. Holistic Living: carries a holistic living column that provides readers with health, personal growth and emotional advice from an inspirational, spiritual and faith-based perspective.
  6. Holistic Mama: A qualified reflexologist and wife and mother offers her insights into holistic living and healing.
  7. Methods of Healing: This blog and online magazine offers a variety of resources and news on a wide variety of holistic healing and preventative practices.
  8. Natural Holistic Health Blog: Get tips, news and advice from this blog with a natural holistic focus.
  9. The Healing Project: This project focuses on work being done by healers and, in the process, provides an opportunity to learn more about preventative health and to move away from dependency on Western medicine.
  10. The Holistic Option: This is a health community with a blog that focuses on a variety of issues and health holistic remedies and treatments as well as preventative measures.

Alternative Medicine

  1. About Alternative Medicine: Cathy Wong provides her insights as a licensed naturopathic doctor and an American College of Nutrition-certified nutrition specialist.
  2. Alternative Medicine Blog: Dr. Joseph Chikelue Obi presents an evidence-based alternative medicine blog.
  3. Alternative Medicine Zone: This blog/zine offers information on topics raning from alternative medicine and acupuncture to meditation and reflexology.
  4. Natural Alternative Medicine Health Care Guide: Use this blog to learn more about natural products and alternative forms of healing.
  5. Worldwide Health: This site houses a vast resource of articles, products, courses and directories of retreats and practitioners as well as an updated blog.

Chinese Medicine

  1. Chinese Medicine News: Don’t expect produce sales or service promotions at this blog/zine, which offers news and research information about healing through Chinese traditions.
  2. Deepest Health: Exploring Classical Chinese Medicine: Eric Grey is a Portland-based practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine and a prolific blogger who has shared his knowledge online since his stint as a student.
  3. Discover TCM: Learn more about traditional Chinese medicine through this site, which focuses on a wide variety of techniques and solutions.
  4. TCM Directory: More than a list of traditional Chinese medicine resources, this site offers a blog that explains some techniques and shares news.
  5. Traditional Chinese Medicine Discussion: This blog tackles western illnesses with possible traditional Chinese solutions as well as recent developments in this field.


  1. Action Chiropractic and Rehab: This blog focuses on various issues that can affect general health and well being as well as information on acupuncture, massage and more.
  2. An alternative perspective to health and healing: This chiropractic office offers healing based upon sublaxation, or incorrect function of the vertebral segment. Their blog focuses on general health as well as chiropractic healing.
  3. Dr. Braddock’s Health & Wellness Corner: Dr. Braddock has dedicated his life to helping people restore their health potential without drugs or surgery through chiropractic services.
  4. The Healthy Spine Blog: Offered by LeBlanc Chiropractic, this blog is a discussion on healthy living and current health research.
  5. The Next Generation Chiropractor: This blog is devoted to helping chiropractors build a successful online presence for their practices. Patients can learn more about ethical practices and more by reading this blog.
  6. The Secrets of Health: Dr. James Weaver shares his expertise with Filipinos on a daily basis, and with the world through his blog.


  1. AarTiana’s Blog: This master herbalist, Reiki master, author and ULC Reverand offers her take on herbal healing, flower essences and more at this blog.
  2. Dancing in a Field of Tansy: This blogger is a “little bit Quaker, a little bit Mormon, a little bit Native American,” and she shares her herbal knowledge through this blog.
  3. Hamida the Herbalist: This herbalist also sells products on Etsy and shares her wisdom through this blog.
  4. Herb News: The Herb Research Foundation offers news, blogs and more through their site that focuses on herbs as healing tools and preventative measures.
  5. Herbal Healing, Health and Calming: You can find helpful reviews, informative information and tips and much more on this updated blog.
  6. Katolen Yardley Holistic Health and Herbal Medicine Blog: This Blog was created by Katolen Yardley, Medical Herbalist of Alchemy & Elixir to share information about herbal medicine and discuss philosophies of health maintenance.
  7. The Essential Herbal: Find recipes, usage information, crafts and healing ideas through this blog managed by Tina Sams.


  1. Alchemille’s Secret Garden: Alchemille is a self-taught herbalist who is steeped in Wise Woman traditions. She carries products on Etsy and shares her knowledge on this blog.
  2. Discovering Naturopathy…a Student’s Perspective: This updated blog offers thoughts and insights from a student who is progressing through a four-year naturopathic program in Canada.
  3. Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.: This naturopathic physician, author, educator and researcher provides rational and scientific substance for naturopathy through her blog.
  4. EarthSource Naturopathy: This doctor in naturopathic medicine is focused on elements of wellness and preventative medicine.


  1. Ask Dr. Luc: This blog focuses on experience, advice, wisdom and tips on classical Homeopathy for recovering children autism (ASD) and other special needs.
  2. This blog is part of a larger resource about homeopathic remedies and treatments and is part of a homeopathic medicine store.
  3. Homeopathy Heals: Learn more about homeopathy and how to become a successful homeopath through the advice and news offered by this blog.
  4. Homeopathy Works: Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom (NA) has practiced as a classical homeopathic consultant since 1997, and she offers her insights at this blog.
  5. Official Homeopathy Resource: Use this blog for information on homeopathic treatments, resources and more.
  6. Sue Young Homeopathy: Sue Young is a homeopath and a writer who shares her knowledge about her craft.
  7. The Homeopathic Pregnancy Blog: This blog focuses on pregnancy and beyond, with breastfeeding and raising newborns.


  1. Dr.Savitha Suri offers her knowledge about Ayurveda on this blog.
  2. Ayurveda and Yoga Blog: You can find a wealth of information here on topics that include herbal remedies, Ayurvedic herbs, rejuvenation therapies and more.
  3. Ayurveda Holistic Community: This blog is part of AltMD, and is offered by Swami Sadashiva Thirtha.
  4. This blog is tied into the Ayurveda Group, comprised of doctors who want to offer information about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments.
  5. Dr. Eddy Clinic & Ayurveda School: This blog is part of the Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School, which combines traditional Western and alternative medicines.
  6. Natural Health Tips and Ayurvedic Medicine: Although this blog is based upon a sales site, it is a popular blog that offers sensible advice that a reader can use as a basic foundation for further research.

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