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Some of the advancements made in medicine are truly astonishing. There are a number of changes being made to medical technology right now. As technician, it is vital for you to keep up with what is happening in the world of medical technology, as well as staying on top of science breakthroughs that can affect the world of medicine. Here are 50 of the top medical technology blogs:

Medical Science and Technology News and Information

800px-examination_of_a_x-ray_exposure-150x150-7039326Learn about the latest developments in science and technology — with a medical angle.

  1. Health & Medicine News: This offering from ScienceDaily provides you with the latest updates from the world of health and medicine.
  2. Health and Medical Research News: SciCentral offers insight into what is happening in scientific research aimed at health and medicine.
  3. Med Tech: Tech News World runs this blog that offers a look at what is happening in medical technology.
  4. Medical News Today: Get the latest headlines in medical technology and advancements.
  5. Med Tech Sentinel: Looks at the headlines and updates from the news wires associated with medicine and technology.
  6. MedTech-IQ: Get content and interact with this community for the latest in medical technology headlines.
  7. Information and news related to medical technology and advancements in medical science.
  8. medtech Pulse: Interesting headlines regarding medical technology and what is happening in medical science.
  9. MTB Europe Medical Technology News: Find out what is happening in Europe when it comes to medical science and technology.
  10. The Medical News: Interesting information, news and research from around the world, and in a variety of medical professions.

Imaging and Radiology

Learn about the different happenings in imaging and radiology, including x-rays.

  1. Medical Imaging Talk: News and discussion about the different ways imaging helps medicine.
  2. “Medical Imaging”: ScienceBlog has a category devoted to medical imaging, and it includes a number of interesting posts on the advances being made in imaging.
  3. MITA: The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance offers a look at some of the latest advancements in radiation therapy, diagnosis and more.
  4. Imaging News: Get the latest from the worlds of CT, MRI and PET. An interesting look at all things imaging.
  5. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI: Get an inside look at certain types of MRIs.
  6. X Ray Technician Blog: Learn about the latest in x rays and developments, and get helpful information on jobs and training.
  7. Not Totally Rad: A blog about all things medical imaging, and interesting insights on radiology.
  8. Radiology 101: The basics about radiology, latest advancements and tips on better using medical technology.
  9. Sumer’s Radiology Site: Learn about different applications for radiology.
  10. The Radiology Portal: Your gateway into all things radiology, and especially helpful for students.

Medical IT

Keep up with what is happening in the place where information technology and medicine intersect.

  1. Medical Connectivity: Creating medical devices that are interoperable, and addressing issues of automation in medicine.
  2. Future Health IT: A look at what is going on in the world of IT and health.
  3. Health Business Blog: Addresses issues of health, business and information technology in one blog.
  4. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog: Interesting take on the subject of medical and health IT.
  5. eHealth SmartBrief: Looks at some of the more interesting developments in terms of IT and medical technology.
  6. The Healthcare IT Guy: An inside look at what is happening in the world of healthcare IT.
  7. eHealth: A look at the implications of IT and electronic information sharing on health and medicine.
  8. Technology in (Medical) Education: Learn how technology and IT are affecting the way those in the medical profession learn.
  9. HIStalk: Commentary on the latest health and medical IT news of the day.

Medical and Healthcare Informatics

A whole new field has arisen out of the need to put medicine and healthcare together with technology and science.

  1. HealthNex: A look at how health informatics can provide solutions that are centered around the patient.
  2. Mobile Health Computing: Using technology and science to improve healthcare and medicine in a number of fields.
  3. MedicalComputing.Net: News and information related to medical informatics and advances in the field.
  4. Biological Informatics: Medical informatics with a biological focus. An interesting look at how it all fits together.
  5. My Medical Informatics Blog: Get thoughts and commentary on the latest headlines related to medical informatics and health policy.
  6. Health Informatics Forum: Professionals and students can read helpful posts, and discuss the latest developments in medical informatics.
  7. Goomedic: An informatics portal with a focus on medicine and health.

Medical Science

Get a better understanding with regard to what is happening in terms of the science behind some of our medical advancements.

  1. Medical Science: Looks at research topics and more surrounding the science of medicine.
  2. Advancing the Science: This blog from the prestigious Mayo Clinic offers insights in how medical science is moving forward.
  3. Body & Brain: Looks at science news particularly focused on the body and the brain, and is from ScienceNews.
  4. NeuroLogica Blog: Get the latest on the science of neurology and see what’s happening in the world of the brain.
  5. Science Translational Medicine: How science breakthroughs and research can be used to enhance medicine.
  6. Science-Based Medicine: Approaches medicine with a basis in science, and offers insight into what happens when the two intersect.
  7. Science News: Offers an interesting look at a number of science subjects, including those related to medicine.

Medical Inventions and Breakthroughs

A lot is happening in terms of inventions, discoveries and breakthroughs with regard to improving medicine and health. These blogs offer insights into what’s next for medical technology.

  1. Medical Breakthroughs: Get the latest medical headlines, and learn about what is on the way for medicine.
  2. EurekAlert!: Find out what amazing discoveries are being made in terms of medical science.
  3. medGadget: Get the latest medical advancements and news from the science realm. Interesting devices and helpful medical gadgets.
  4. Latest Medical Breakthroughs: Just what it sounds like, this blog offers insights and headlines with regard to the latest breakthroughs in medical technology.
  5. BreakThrough Digest: Keep track of the latest scientific and technology breakthroughs in medicine.
  6. Health and Medical Device News: Find out what is going on with new medical technology devices.
  7. Latest Medical Technology: The technology that is bringing medicine into the future.

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